Creating companies of tomorrow.

The Josephmark Venture Lab (JM–VL) identifies, builds and scales ideas that positively shape our world. Using a systemised approach to explore the unknown and venture from concept to company.

OurKin is a social platform which enables anyone - from individuals through to organisations, to create and build communities on their own domain.

A premium short-form video channel, developing a new breed of content IP encompassing both a production studio and an online platform.

A state-of-the-art military-grade sports tracker allowing everyday users as well as athletes to track and share their performance.

Creating the next evolution of video production – an in-browser platform that will redefine how video is made. Underpinned by Clipchamp’s patented video compression technology.

An agenda-free news platform that aggregates the stories people are talking about online right now.


Social media can have a big impact on stocks. But the market was lacking a consistent, reliable tool for measuring and acting on those momentum shifts. Enter Hash Finance.


A geo-accurate 3D terrain engine utilising real-time data feeds to create more immersive experiences.


An action sports technology group developing products for those who enjoy the outdoors.


Helping golfers keep score, track performance and measure progression – Pin is the digital companion to your game.


A community-driven music discovery platform featuring some of the industry’s top music tastemakers.


A home for Australia’s most promising startups, Vest highlights the ideas that are putting Australia on the map, making us leaders in our fields, and driving economical and cultural growth.


CYTK is a virtual assistant to help auto technicians do their work safer, faster and with greater accuracy.


An online publication shining a light on global, ethical design.


This is not an experiment.

We believe there is no shortage of ideas, just a range of obstacles preventing them from being realised.

As venture designers, we bring together multidisciplinary teams to define problems and design solutions for impact.

Our framework is a systematic approach to birth new enterprises, bringing them to market with a significantly enhanced chance of success.

Instead of incubating single ventures with individual teams, our model utilises a single team to pursue multiple ventures; evolving them into dedicated operation teams as they scale and mature.

We are not held back by ego, founders, or vested interests. Only the best ideas go forward.


If you’d like to invest, partner on a venture, or just chat about what we could do together, email [email protected].